VENI grant for Veerle Melotte

We would like to congratulate Veerle Melotte (Pathology) with her VENI grant!

Nervous gut - the enteric nervous system, a so far unnoticed component of the tumor microenvironment, orchestrated by NDRG4
It is well-known that components of the tumor-microenvironment play an important role in the development of colorectal cancer. I will investigate whether the enteric nervous system, an neglected member of the tumor-microenvironment, plays a role in the development of colorectal cancer and can be used as a potential therapeutic target.

Terugblik Wetenschapsdag 2017

Woensdag 10 mei 2017 organiseerden de Arts-Assistenten Vereniging (AAV) en de Centrale Opleidingscommissie Maastricht UMC+ (COCM) de jaarlijkse Wetenschapsdag. Met een aanmelding van 42 abstracts.

Winnaars in vier categorieën
Onder het genot van een broodje kroketje en een bolletje ijs op het warme terras van niveau 4, zijn er uiteindelijk uit de verschillende categorieën 4 winnaars gekozen die uit handen van bestuursvoorzitter Prof. Dr. Marja van Dieijen de prijs ontvingen:

2 van de 4 prijswinnaars zijn GROW promovendi!
Winnaars, gefeliciteerd!

Jules Derks, Longgeneeskunde (categorie Verbetering van uitkomst);
- Pascal Vroemen, Oogheelkunde (categorie Inzicht in ziekte);
Boudewijn Smeets, Heelkunde (categorie Verbetering van zorg);
- Johanna Kreutz, Kindergeneeskunde (categorie Veelbelovende Student).

New Grants

Congratulations to Marc Lobbes, Department of Radiology, for receiving a ZonMw grant “Rapid Access to Contrast-Enhanced spectral mammogRaphy (RACER)”.
Granted amount K€ 212.


College Tour 'Shaping your Career in the Biomedical Sciences', 12 January 2018

10:30  -14:00 Kasteel de Hoogenweerth. Hoge Weerd 2, Maastricht

Guest: Prof. Dr. Jan Hoeijmakers, Honorary Professor of the TEFAF Oncology Chair, former chair of the Molecular Genetics department Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

Moderator; Martijn van Calmthout, scientific editor Volkskrant.

Click here for the personal invitation from Jan and Martijn

Attendance is FREE, but seating is limited so please register in time via this link;


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Courses & Symposia

Courses & Symposia (click here)

* Pelerin Lezingen Medische Geschiedenis

Upcoming thesis defenses

Fabian A. Holman
“Challenges in treating patients with locally advanced and locally recurrent rectal carcinoma”
Promotores: Prof. dr. H.J.T. Rutten
Co-promotores: dr. G.A.P. Nieuwenhuijzen, Dr. M. Kusters, CZE Eindhoven
November 30, 2017. 14.00 hrs

Evelyne M.J. Meys
“Ultrasound-based methods in the differentiation of adnexal masses”
Promotor: Prof. dr. R.F.P.M. Kruitwagen
Co-promotores: dr. T. van Gorp, dr. B.F.M. Slangen
December 5, 2017. 14.00 hrs

Roland A. Böckmann
“Modification of the mandibular split based on a physical model. Experimental animal and clinical studies”
Promotor: Prof. dr. P.A.W.H. Kessler
Co-promotores: dr. S. Bergé, RUN, Prof. dr.dr. K-D. Wolff, TU München
December 7, 2017. 12.00 hrs

Terezinha M. de Souza
“Bits and Bytes in toxicogenomics: In silico approaches in liver-based mechanistic toxicology”
Promotor: Prof. dr. J.C.S. Kleinjans
Co-promotor: dr. D.G.J. Jennen
December 7, 2017. 14.00 hrs

Jules L. Derks
“Comprehensive analysis of pulmonary large cell neuro-endocrine carcinoma (LCNEC); New insights to guide diagnosis and treatment”
Promotores: Prof. dr. A-M.C. Dingemans, Prof. dr. E-J. Speel
December 8, 2017. 14.00hrs

Giacomo Cavallaro
“New Insights into the Pathogenesis and Treatment of retinopathy of prematurity”
Promotores: Prof. dr. L.J.I. Zimmermann, prof. dr. F. Mosca, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Co-promotor: dr. E. Villamor
December 11, 2017. 11.30 hrs (room 1.169 MMB 4-6)

Ralph T.H. Leijenaar
“Radiomics: Images are more than meet the eye”
Promotor: Prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
Co-promotores: dr. W. van Elmpt, dr.dr. F.J.P. Hoebers
December 12, 2017. 10.00 hrs.

Nanda Kumar Parvathaneni
“Targeting CAIX with small molecules: Design, Synthesis and Biological Efficacy”
Promotores: Prof. dr. Ph. Lambin, prof. dr. J.Y. Winum, Montpellier University
Co-promotor: dr. L. Dubois
December 12, 2017. 13.30 hrs. (room 1.169 MMB 4-6)

Carlos E. Salinas-Salmón
“The highs and lows of programmed cardiovascular disease by developmental hypoxia: studies in the chicken embryo”
Promotores: Prof. dr. L.J.I. Zimmermann, prof. dr. D. Giussani, University of Cambridge, prof. dr. C.E. Blanco, Ireland
Co-promotor: dr. E. Villamor
December 13, 2017. 11.30 hrs. (room 1.169 MMB 4-6)

Brigitte E.P.J. Vriens
“Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: Efficacy, response assessment and axillary strategy”
Promotor: Prof. dr. V.C.G. Tjan-Heijnen
Co-promotor: dr. M.J.B. Aarts
December 13, 2017. 12.00 hrs

Thibaud Coroller
“Combining Data Science and Medical Imaging: Advancing Cancer Precision Medicine with Radiomics”
Promotores: Prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
Co-promotor: H.W.J.L. Aerts, Harvard Medical School
December 14, 2017. 10.00 hrs

Blake R. Walters
“Applications of efficient Monte Carlo-simulated photon beams to dose calculations in voxellized human phantoms”
Promotores: Prof. dr. F. Verhaegen, prof. dr. D.W. Rogers, Carleton University, Canada
December 14, 2017. 14.00 hrs

Julian Krauskopf
“The blood-borne miRNome; Developing biomarkers for environmental and drug-induced human toxicity”
Promotores: Prof. dr. J.C.S. Kleinjans, prof. dr. Th.M. de Kok
December 15, 2017. 12.00 hrs

Leonie Ratz
“Molecular mechanisms in aggressive prostate cancer: The role of the TMPRSS2: ERG gene fusion”
Promotores: Prof. dr. F.C.S. Ramaekers, prof. dr. H. Sültmann, Heidelberg
Co-promotor: dr. P. Altevogt, Heidelberg
December 15, 2017. 13.30 hrs.  (room 1.169 MMB 4-6)

Vitaly Smelov
“Urogenital and anal chlamydia trachomatis and human papillomavirus infections: epidemiological diagnostics and public health aspects”
Promotor: Prof. dr. S.A. Morré
Co-promotor: dr. S. Ouburg, VUMC
December 18, 2017. 11.30 hrs. (room 1.169 MMB 4-6)

Minh Hoang Tuyet Nguyen
“Novel genetic causes and pathological mechanisms of neurological and mitochondrial disorders”
Promotor: Prof. dr. H.J.M. Smeets
Co-promotores: dr. M. Gerards, dr. I.F.M. de Coo, Erasmus MC Rotterdam
December 18, 2017. 13.30 hrs. (room 1.169 MMB 4-6)

Sietske J. Jorritsma-Bosman
“Optimization of treatment for locally recurrent rectal cancer”
Promotor: Prof. dr. H.J.T. Rutten
Co-promotores: dr. G.A.P. Nieuwenhuijzen, dr. M. Kusters, Catharina Ziekenhuis, Eindhoven
December 19, 2017. 14.00 hrs

Aniek J.G. Even
“Visualization and quantification of tumour biology for personalized radiotherapy”
Promotor: Prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
Co-promotor: dr. ir. W. van Elmpt
December 20, 2017. 16.00 hrs

Thiemo J.A. van Nijnatten
“The enigma of lymph node staging in breast cancer”
Promotor: Prof. dr. R.G.H. Beets-Tan
Co-promotores: dr. M.L. Smidt, dr. M.B.I. Lobbes
December 21, 2017. 10.00 hrs

TEFAF Masterclass and Inauguration 2018

Prof. dr. Christopher Paul Wild, is appointed as Extraordinary Professor on the TEFAF Oncology Chair 2018.

You are cordially invited to the Master Class “The Exposome and Cancer Prevention”

and his inaugural lecture “Two-way” translational cancer research: an impetus for prevention, early detection and treatment”

Date:            March 15, 2018.

Location:       Aula Maastricht University, Minderbroederberg 4-6, Maastricht

Time:            Master Class: 13:30-16.00 hrs. Inaugural lecture: 16.30 hrs.    

Participation is free, but registration before March 2d is obligatory at: