Executive Board

  • The Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Manon van Engeland.
  • Leader of the Programme Prevention: Prof. dr. Matty Weijenberg.
  • Leader of the Programme Innovative Cancer Diagnostics & Therapy: Dr. Marjolein Smidt
  • Leader of the Programme Basic and Translational Cancer Biology: Prof. dr. Marc Vooijs.
  • Leader of the Programme Reproduction and Perinatal Medicine: Prof. dr. Luc Zimmermann.

The Board is responsible for decision making on all activities within the Research School, herein assisted by the Managing Director. The Institute Board meets each month.
Managing Director: Judith Doomen.

The daily management is the responsibilty of the Scientific Director and the Managing Director, supported in their tasks by the Secretary.

Secretary's Office: Brigitte Custers and Christel Curfs

Besides these monthly Board meetings, the Strategic Board and the Project Leaders participating within the Research school meets three times a year.

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