Executive Board

  • The Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Frans Ramaekers.
  • The Scientific Vice-Director: Prof. Dr. Manon van Engeland
  • Leaders of the Programme Prevention: Prof. dr. Matty Weijenberg and Prof. dr. Jos Kleinjans.
  • Leaders of the Programme Innovative Cancer Diagnostics & Therapy: Prof. Dr. Philippe Lambin and Prof. Dr. Vivianne Tjan-Heijnen.
  • Leaders of the Programme Basic and Translational Cancer Biology: Prof. dr. Manon van Engeland and Prof. dr. Marc Vooijs.
  • Leaders of the Programme Reproduction and Perinatal Medicine: Prof. dr. Christine de Die, Prof. dr. Luc Zimmermann and Prof. dr. Boris Kramer.

The Board is responsible for decision making on all activities within the Research School, herein assisted by the Managing Director. The Institute Board meets each month.
Managing Director: Judith Doomen.

The daily management is the responsibilty of the Scientific Director and the Managing Director, supported in their tasks by the Secretary.

Secretary's Office: Brigitte Custers

Besides these monthly Board meetings the Project Leaders participating within the Research school meets once a month.

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