Master Biomedical Sciences

The programme strives to familiarise master’s students with the principles of the scientific method: how new scientific knowledge is obtained in basic and applied research areas, and how this novel insight is used to the benefit of patients. Theoretical courses are taught by professionals from both the laboratory and the clinic. You will encounter many different diseases, including cancer and hereditery diseases.
The programme has a strong research focus with two long internship periods (22-week junior and 30-week senior internship). During this time, you may opt to go abroad with the help of a travel grant.
You are invited to pursue your own research interests and participate in GROW-projects of your choice.

Medical Internships and Residency

GROW offers 6th grade medical students the possibility to do a research internship (WESP) or a health care participation internship (GESP) to acquire some hands-on experience in the research fields of GROW. Also students of the Arts-Klinisch Onderzoeker (A-KO) curriculum are more and more applying for trainee-ships within GROW Departments.

The 13 clinical departments of MUMC+ participating in GROW are also training young medical doctors as medical specialist. The different participating departments within GROW expose them to various research presentations (Pizza meetings, external speakers, GROW day, master class, etc.) and offer them the opportunity to do research during 6 months. The young motivated talents are identified at an early stage and receive the opportunity to start a PhD, mostly on a clinical or translational topic.