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Win your Prize

The calendar gives an overview of the prizes for which the FHML/UM would like to nominate candidates. The indicated deadline is the deadline for nomination. The call for nominations of each prize and the person who will be responsible for nomination will be announced as soon as possible by Els Swennen to the Schools/Institutes.

The purpose of this calendar is to inform the Schools/institutes in time about the upcoming prizes so that possible candidates can be identified /discussed in an early stage. In case there is a limit to the number of nominees, an internal selection has to take place and consequently, the internal deadline for nomination will be before the actual nomination deadline.

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Procedure for approval of grant applications within GROW

Within GROW it has been decided to introduce an internal review procedure for grant applications. The purpose is to improve the success rate and the quality of such applications.


If you intend to submit a grant application, please report this to the GROW secretariat at an early stage, by mentioning the type of grant, deadline and title of the grant.

Two weeks before the external deadline submit a full grant application to GROW.
For the review of your application please choose two (internal) reviewers and include their comments with the application.
Managing director Judith Doomen should be contacted at an early stage. She has to give her approval on the budget.
Prof. Dr. F.C.S. Ramaekers, scientific director GROW, should be mentioned in the grant proposal as legal representative. The Head of the Department cannot act as such.

After submission send the final application to Judith Doomen.  In case a signature of Prof. Dr. Ramaekers is needed please contact the secretary to make an appointment or mention the deadline for the digital signature (only for online approvals)

Grant proposals that have not been approved by GROW will not be supported.


Maastricht University - Contract Research Centre pools the expertise within Maastricht University to provide tailor made services towards researchers raising funds and valorising knowledge: 

Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences:
Willem Wolters
T+31 6 46705520


As you may know, the MUMC+/ FHML’s Research Office is currently working on its new website. When completed, this website will amongst others contain information on current projects and strategic initiatives. In addition, the website will host a section on grant opportunities and services provided by the Grants Office. While we wait for the launch of the new website, the Grants Office would like to already share an overview of upcoming grant deadlines and potentially relevant meetings with you (please see overviews below).

Should you have any questions or remarks concerning this overview, please do not hesitate to contact the Grants Office (through or one of us directly.

Best regards,
Marco Berndes, Eva Rijkers and Willem Wolters

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