Research & Travel Grants

GROW has an annual budget for travel grants and exchange visits (not intended for meetings, congresses, etc). These funds are available for young researchers that want to obtain experience in an international research setting. Since such an experience will improve your CV, it will also increase your chances for future grant applications.

To receive a GROW Travel Grant it is obligatory to apply for two external travel grants (for instance at KWF which has a high success rate).

Afterwards we would like to hear about your exchange visit and we are going to ask you to present a talk at a GROW Pizza meeting.

Requests can be submitted to the secretary of GROW, and should include a motivation, your CV, the budget and an invitation letter of the receiving institute and the two external applications. A letter of recommendation from the relevant programme leader must be attached.
The GROW Travel Grant covers travel, housing, visa costs and extra insurance costs if necessary.