Research Code & Scientific Integrity

It is of utmost importance that all investigators act according to the relevant guidelines for academic practice.
We would like to ask you to take notice of these documents and follow these guidelines.
Specifically, I would like to stress the following points:
1) The researcher must ensure that his/her research data is properly documented, archived, retrievable and accessible to researchers at UM and other institutions and/or companies by way of (infrastructural) provisions for a sufficient period of time.
2) If the research data is part of an external collection managed elsewhere, the UM researcher must adequately refer to this and include when (if applicable) and by whom this data can be consulted in the external collection.
3) Raw research data are stored for at least ten years. These data are made available to other academic practitioners upon request, unless legal provisions dictate otherwise.
4) Raw research data are archived in such a way that they can be consulted at all times and with a minimum expense of time and effort
5) Whenever research results are published, it is made clear what the data and conclusions are based on, from where they originate and how they can be verified; all scientific and scholarly research should be able to be traced, verified and re-tested.
6) The choice of research question, the research set-up, the choice of method and the references to sources used are accurately documented in a form that allows for verification of all steps in the research process
During the yearly Planning & Control sessions these points will be specifically addressed.

Gedragscode Wet Integriteit
The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice 2004 (version 2014)
Research Code MUMC+ (2013)
Committe for Scientific Integrity
Counsellor on Scientific Integrity
Codes of conduct Scientific Research
Brochure Researchcode MUMC+
Kwaliteitsborging van mensgebonden onderzoek in Maastricht UMC+ (november 2012)

You can find more information on Scientific Integrity on the KNAW website.