Strategic Board en Research Raad

Strategic Board

The Strategic Board gives advice to the scientific director in taking strategic decisions for the long term and in the (inter)national positioning of the School.
The Strategic Board consists of the programme leaders, selected project leaders and a representative of the GROW Young Investigators.
The appointment is for 3 years and the Strategic Board meets 3 times a year.

Prof. dr. C. de Die
Prof. dr. A. Dingemans
Prof. dr. T. de Kok
Prof. dr. P. Lambin
Prof. dr. B. Kramer
Prof. dr. R. Kruitwagen
Prof. dr. B. Smeets
Prof. dr. M. Smidt
Prof. dr. V. Tjan-Heijnen
Prof. dr. M. Vooijs
Prof. dr. M. Weijenberg
Dr. T. Wolfs
Prof. dr. L. Zimmermann

Research Board (GROW Research Raad)

The GROW Research Board (‘GROW Research Raad’) has been established in 2017 for the evaluation of grant applications from within GROW. These may concern the grant applications for the projects funded by the Limburg Cancer Research Fund (KankerOnderzoeksFonds Limburg), but also applications for internal GROW PhD grants. The GROW Research Board can also be asked to advice in case of personal grant applications within the Netherlands (VENI, VIDI, VICI, KWF Fellowships) or EU grant applications (e.g. ERC).
External advisors can be asked to support the Research Board.

Dr. A. Voogd (chair)
B. Custers (secretary)
Prof. dr. M. Janssen-Heijnen
Prof. dr. D. de Ruysscher
Prof. dr. A. Dingemans
Dr. K. Rouschop
Dr. V. Melotte
Dr. A. van Montfoort