Re-accreditation 2013-2018

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Re-accreditation 2013-2018

An External Review Committee chaired by prof. J.W. Oosterhuis, has assessed the research and educational programmes of GROW and presented a final report in December 2012.

We are proud to announce that overall the quality and productivity of GROW was judged to be high, while some elements of GROW were evaluated as being ‘outstanding’. The committee was impressed by the developments over the last 6 years, especially with regard to output quantity and quality Also the societal impact of GROW research was ranked very good.

The GROW PhD training programme was qualified as robust and of very good to excellent quality. The committee was impressed by the high quality and high level of enthusiasm and determination of the PhD students that were present during the evaluation. The Master programme was found to offer a solid base for the GROW PhD programme.


We are delighted to announce that the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences has re-recognised GROW as an official Research School for the coming six years.

We thank all GROW collaborators for their contribution to this success.

Frans Ramaekers, Scientific Director

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Application for Re-accreditation 2013-2018 and Report of the ERC 2012

Report Re-accreditation 2013-2018