TEFAF Symposium and Inauguration 2018

Prof. dr. Christopher Paul Wild, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC / WHO)),  is appointed as Extraordinary Professor on the TEFAF Oncology Chair 2018.

You are cordially invited to his inaugural lecture "Two-way" translational cancer research; an impetus for prevention, early detection and treatment  and the preceding symposium 'The Exposome and Cancer Prevention'

Date:       March 15, 2018.
Location: Aula Maastricht University, Minderbroederberg 4-6, Maastricht
Time:      Symposium 13:30-16.00 hrs. Inaugural lecture 16.30hrs.    


Participation is free, but registration before March 9d is obligatory at:

College Tour 'Shaping your Career in the Biomedical Sciences', 12 January 2018

10:30  -14:00 Kasteel de Hoogenweerth. Hoge Weerd 2, Maastricht

Guest: Prof. Dr. Jan Hoeijmakers, Honorary Professor of the TEFAF Oncology Chair, former chair of the Molecular Genetics department Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

Moderator; Martijn van Calmthout, scientific editor Volkskrant.

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Attendance is FREE, but seating is limited so please register in time via this link;


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Upcoming thesis defenses

Patrick B.H.J. Grossmann
“Defining the Biological and Clinical Basis of Radiomics;Towards clinical imaging biomarkers”
Promotor: Prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
Co-promotor: Dr. ir. H. Aerts
March 8, 2018. 14.00 hrs

Anna M.C.M. Doedée
“Interaction of paracetamol with the immune system: immunosuppressive effects in human vaccination model”
Promotor: Prof. dr. H. van Loveren
Co-promotores: dr. R. Janssen, RIVM Bilthoven
February 1, 2018. 12.00 hrs