The BioBank Maastricht UMC + (BioBank) is specialized in storage of large collections of biological material for scientific research. Samples can be stored in our refrigerators, ultralow freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks. This gives the possibility for storage of biomaterial in a wide range of temperatures.

The BioBank is an initiative of the University Hospital Maastricht (azM) The BioBank works in close cooperation with Maastro Clinic(radiotherapy institute Limburg) and since 2007 a collaboration was started with the Parelsnoer Institute.

In January 2005, the BioBank became a Central Research Facility (COV). Besides the storage of samples, the BioBank provides the service to carry out some standard procedures. The data of the BioBank is saved in a fully automatic web-based BioBank Information System (BIS), which was completely renewed in 2012. To ensure the safety of the biological collections, two emergency procedures are used: the Building Management System (in Dutch: GebouwBeheerSysteem G.B.S,) and the Temperature Registration System Xiltrix, IKS).).

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